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The 30 Day
Wellness Journey

Online Group Wellness Coaching Program

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up everyday feeling energized and vibrant.

Imagine yourself feeling empowered and confident as you navigate your day.

Imagine your body in excellent health, free from inflammation and feeling stronger than ever.

What if I told you that you can achieve all of these things within 60 days or less? You see, making changes towards your health and wellness can be challenging if you do not know where or how to start. This is why having a strong support system and coach is essential to kick start your journey towards long lasting results you can see and feel.


30 Day Wellness Journey "Group" Coaching

September 12- October 12

Includes two Zoom group coaching calls (Mondays @ 7:00pm PST Sept 12, 26 & Oct 10)


60 Day Wellness Journey “Private 1-on-1" Coaching

September 12-November 12

Includes one (45 min) coaching session each week


Here is what you can expect

  • Better understanding and knowledge of nutrition
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits that stick for life
  • Ditch dieting and strict rules around food
  • Self awareness around food and choices you make
  • Better sleep, more energy and improved moods

Here is what the journey includes

  • Full meal plan (4 or 8 week options)
  • Pantry, fridge & grocery list
  • Weekly accountability and goal setting
  • Assortment of easy to create nutritious recipes
  • Weekly nutrition & wellness video modules
  • Access to my virtual fitness platform
  • Group support and coaching 

What is covered in the video modules?

Week 1

Secret habits towards long lasting wellness success.

Week 2

How to build balanced, nutritious meals.

Week 3

Pantry and fridge essentials. Discover all of my favourite brands and products.

Week 4

Understanding cravings and hunger cues. Become mindful of your body and choices.

Week 5

How to order at restaurants and at social events.

Week 6

Stubborn belly fat; how to trim inches off your waistline and keep it off for better health.

Week 7

My top 4 vitamin & supplement suggestions. 

Week 8

Tips on how to get you to the next step in your journey once you have hit a plateau. 


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