ABSolutely Flat In 4 (EBOOK)

4 Week Guide To Reduce Bloating & Trim Inches Off Your Waist


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  • 26 Pages
  • Published in July 2019
  • $99 PDF EBOOK

This 4-week guide designed to trim inches off your waistline, reduce symptoms of bloating and increase your overall energy so you can feel your absolute best! The tools that I’ve included in this guide are all ones that I have used in my own life and have helped me in so many ways, especially to reduce bloating. I am confident that if you follow this guide, you will begin to feel fantastic! However, like anything worth having, you will need to be dedicated and willing to make adjustments to your current lifestyle and eating habits. This guide is divided into 6 sections:

  1. Mind Your Midsection
  2. Beat The Bloat
  3. Let’s Get Sweaty!
  4. The Low Down
  5. The 4 Week Meal Plan
  6. The Recipes


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  • Andrea is beyond amazing! Prior to meeting Andrea I struggled with stomach issues for many years. It was a never ending book of constantly feeling sick and missing out on everyday life. It was time things changed and that's when I met Andrea. I cannot even express how thankful I am for Andrea's help. She is truly a professional that has a wealth of knowledge to share. Andrea has a gift of connecting with her clients and understanding their needs. She provided me with a plan to nurture my body with the right foods to heal the issues I had been experiencing for so many years. I can not even contain myself when describing how yummy all her recipes are as well! My instagram account is proof! After a few weeks of following her plan, symptoms began to decrease. This was an incredible feeling after many years of struggling to find a solution. Andrea is a standout nutrition coach!

    Sarah, Port Moody BC
  • I heard about Andrea through a friend who is well known in the personal training industry. I didnt know why I needed her I just knew that I was tired of feeling tired low energy and now with a new baby I wanted to make sure I was teaching my family how to eat properly. She spent time with me over the phone and in person going over every detail of my plan and coached me through not only the benefits of the foods but how to plan and achieve the best results so that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed. Andrea takes so much time to build not only a meal plan but a relationship with you so that you can achive your goals.I enjoyed EVERY minute with her but what I loved the most was that she was there with you every step of the way guiding you and helping you. All the recipes thatAndrea provided us with were incredible! I have even used them when I have guests over! I would recommend Andrea as a nutritional coach to any one!!

    Rosanna, Coquitlam BC
  • A wonderful meal plan full of great ideas. I like that she provides a list of foods to make me think about how to create meals for myself. The grocery shop tour was A+. I learned so much and thanks to Andrea, calorie counting is a thing of the past!

    Mel, Burnaby BC
  • Passionate and knowledgeable; Andrea has been an absolute pleasure. She has turned by bad habits into healthy habits by teaching me the way we should all be eating. Not a diet, not difficult, it just makes sense, and I feel great. Thank-you for the continued support Andrea, you really do care, you are great at what you do.

    Michelle, Burnaby BC
  • I contacted Andrea about a refresh in nutrition. I was suffering from migraines weekly and knew it was linked to diet. Having higher than normal blood sugar, Andrea created an amazing food and nutrition plan that fit my needs. I lost 10 pounds immediately and have have had very few headaches let alone migraines. I liked not having a plan based on calories but based on a balanced nutritious diet. She was available anytime for any questions and support. I highly recommend her for nutritional coaching! I also love that she practices what she preeches. Finding someone so passionate about what they do is so refreshing!

    Jenna, Port Coquitlam
  • My mom and I the pleasure of meeting Andrea Saliba when we contacted her for nutrition counseling. I was suffering from stomach issues and we were both needing a major reboot in our diet. Through working with Andrea, she educated us on what foods were good for our bodies and how we benefited from them. Andrea also showed us how to read food labels and substitute healthier options. Throughout the course of our weeks with Andrea she was so knowledgeable and dedicated in checking in with our progress. The individualized meal plans she provided came along with delicious recipes that our entire family enjoyed. My mom and I have both seen great improvements in our energy, inflammation and fatigue since working with Andrea. I would recommend consulting with Andrea if your looking to make a positive change in your lifestyle!

    Alexandra & Wilma, Coquitlam BC
  • I contacted Andrea 12 weeks ago after my middle son was suffering very badly from constipation and I , after having our 3rd (and last) child felt that I wanted to be slimmer and healthier. Andrea created a plan for me and we followed it as a family. The recipes were delicious and easy to make. I never felt deprived or hungry as I followed the plan. Within 2 weeks I saw results - loose jeans, sleeping better, more energy and an overall sense of feeling healthier. It has been 12 weeks and I am feeling fantastic - 20 lbs lighter, and more importantly - I feel educated and empowered about the food choices that I am making for myself and my family. Andrea has been a supportive and reliable coach - always there to encourage, guide and answer all my questions. I feel so fortunate that I have been through this transformation with the help of a fanatastic coach. I would highly recommend Andrea's services and approach to nutrition to anyone!

    Carla Van der Pauw
  • I have known Andrea for many years. I have always wanted to reach out to her to help me create healthy meal ideas . I finally made the step and started a 12 week program with her . I am so grateful I did. Her approach to healthy eating is easy and tasty . She not only taught me how to properly read labels , she also taught me how to put together a complete meal. She consistently checked in with me every week to make sure I was on target and was available for any questions I might have . Andrea is truly inspiring . She is wonderful in what she does because her intention is genuine. She truly wants to help people reach there goals . I will forever be grateful for this wonderful journey . It has opened my eyes to the wonders of healthy eating .

    Maria Cirotto
  • I contacted Andrea because I was feeling unhealthy and in a rut with food. I wasnt sure what to eat and when to eat it. Andrea gave me a nutrition plan to help and guide me everyday. I started drinking lemon water in the morning and making healthy smoothies that are delicious. I discovered that healthy can taste really good! Andrea is dedicated and professional, she really cares about her clients. I highly recommend her.

    Terri, Coquitlam
  • Thank you for encouraging me to see a new way of thinking, eating healthy and moving my body more regularly. This six week course has given me the courage to change my negative thoughts and start to feel better about the way I look and feel. This has been a lifelong battle of feeling insecure in my own skin. Knowing your a phone call away I’m ready to peel the rest of the onion away and start living a new life.