Congratulations on taking a step in the right direction by seeking nutritional guidance. You have come to the right place! My services are so much more than just a meal plan. I genuinely care for each and every single client that enters my life. My mission is to educate you on how food really can be medicine and to guide you towards optimal health for drastic life changing results!



Do you experience bloating, cramps, gas and digestive disturbances? Do you hold extra weight around your mid section? This feeling can be incredibly uncomfortable and you shouldn’t have to feel this way. I know because I experienced these symptoms myself. We will analyze your symptoms together and I will put together a meal & lifestyle plan to help eliminate these symptoms so that you can start feeling your absolute best.

Program Includes:

  • In person or over the phone consultation (1-2 hours)
  • In depth dietary and lifestyle assessment
  • Personalized meal plan geared towards beating bloat/digestive disturbances
  • “Beat The Bloat” guide booklet
  • Pantry & Fridge check list
  • Recipes, meal & snack ideas
  • Email support for up to 6 weeks

*It is recommended that you have a Naturopath or Doctor do a food sensitivity and allergy test for you before beginning this program.

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Get Motivated, Get Inspired, Get Results! Are you ready to take control of not only your eating habits but your life? Join this 6 week group session where you will learn how to cultivate healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits that will change the way look and feel!

Next Program: January 2019

  • 6 Weekly Meal Plans (not specific to any dietary restrictions but can be slightly modified if needed)
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Guide
  • 1 x per week in person group meetings + daily support via group chat
  • An assortment of easy to follow recipes, meal & snack ideas
    Goal setting + motivational guidance
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Hire me to host a Wellness Workshop or Lunch & Learn session for your employees. Topics of interest may include; foods that boost moods and energy, how to reduce workplace stress, anxiety and depression, education on super foods and how they impact our health, the truth about sugar and other addictive food choices.

Have a specific topic you want me to talk about? I am very accommodating and would be happy to discuss creating a program specifically tailored to your individual needs.


30 Days To A Healthier Happier Body – $89

In holistic health and nutrition, we focus on the mind body connection. I greatly believe that in order to see changes within your body and the way you feel, you must change the way you think because everything begins and ends in our mind. That is why I have created this fantastic 30 day plan that is easy to follow and will transform you both physically and mentally.

In this guide, you are given a very simple meal plan to follow with delicious and nutritious recipes plus a 30 day guide of simple yet effective exercises for both your mind and body. Change your mindset. Change your body. Change your life!

*Online only!



This is a one time personal nutrition coaching session geared towards anyone looking for answers to their questions related to diet, nutrition, fitness and goal setting. Gain an understanding on how to create healthy meals, eat a balanced diet and which supplements could support your specific needs. This session is available in person or over the phone.


  • In person or over the phone consulatation (1-2 hours)
  • In depth dietary and lifestyle assessment
  • 7 Day personalized meal plan
  • Suggestions to current diet & fitness routine
  • Pantry & Fridge check list
  • Recipes, meal & snack ideas


In a world of constant stress, its common to feel out of balance. Often these feelings cause stress to become chronic leaving us feeling anxious and unhappy within our current life contributing to unhealthy food and lifestyle choices.

This 6 week program is geared towards reducing overall stress and creating healthy eating habits. We will work 1-on-1 each week in person or over the phone where I will offer you stress management and mindfulness exercises to cultivate balance in your life. You will also be given a 6 week meal plan that will introduce your body to healthful nutritious foods.

Program Includes:

  • In depth dietary and lifestyle assessment
  • 6 Week meal plan
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle guide booklet
  • Weekly meeting for 6 weeks
  • Motivational coaching & mindfulness exercises
  • Pantry & Fridge check list
  • Recipes, meal & snack ideas

*If you are dealing with depression or any mental health issues, please note that I am not a Doctor, Psychiatrist or Counsellor and it is recommended that you seek professional assistance.



As a Mother of 3 myself, I can understand how frustrating it can be to create meals for your family only to find out the don’t like the taste or to have picky eaters at the table. This plan will educate you and your family on meal planning basics, how to read nutrition labels, finding healthy alternatives for foods you crave and much more! Let me take the stress off your table and turn meal time into a pleasure as it should be.

Program Includes:

  • 1 hour in person or over the phone consultation
  • 4 week personalized family menu plan
  • Education on reading nutrition labels
  • Recipes, meal & snack ideas
  • Pantry and fridge checklist
  • Menu planning wipe board

Add Ons:

  • Educational grocery shop tour- $150
  • 1 Week kids lunch box meal plan- $55

Dietary preferences and restrictions will be taken into account while creating your families menu plan