Congratulations on taking a step in the right direction by seeking nutritional guidance. You have come to the right place! My services are so much more than just a meal plan. I genuinely care for each and every single client that enters my life. My mission is to educate you on how food really can be medicine and to guide you towards optimal health for drastic life changing results!


This is a 2 hour nutrition coaching session geared towards anyone looking for answers to their questions related to diet, nutrition, fitness and goal setting. Gain an understanding on how to create healthy meals, eat a balanced diet and which supplements could support your specific needs.

  • In depth dietary and lifestyle assessment
  • In person or phone coaching session
  • A basic 3 day meal plan
  • Suggestions to current diet & fitness routine
  • Pantry & Fridge Check List
  • A few easy to follow recipes, meal & snack ideas

6 WEEK ALL IN – $600

Kick start your health in the right direction with a personalized lifestyle and nutrition plan tailored specifically to your own needs. Learn how to adjust eating habits and incorporate whole foods into your diet. Nourish your body and gain energy!

  • In depth dietary and lifestyle assessment
  • Weekly accountability check in’s via phone conversation or email
  • 2 In person coaching sessions
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Guide
  • 2 Personalized meal plans based on specific needs
  • Food logging and weekly goal setting
  • Pantry & Fridge Check List
  • Menu planning wipe board
  • An assortment of easy to follow recipes + extra meal & snack ideas


Hire me to host a 60 minute Wellness Workshop or Lunch & Learn session for your employees. Choose from any of these topics or we can customize something together.

  • Clean Eating 101 For The Busy Professional: Learn how to develop healthy eating habits that will boost energy levels, balance moods and promote an all over sense of well being.
  • Ditch The Diet: Stop dieting and start feeling your absolute best! I will share my top recommendations on how to lose weight, tone up, gain energy, and lose that stubborn belly bulge. You will also learn how stress effects your ability to lose weight.
  • Mind Body Connection: In this workshop, you will learn how our body and mind are connected. I will discuss the harmful impact negative emotions have to our health and organs and what you can start doing to reduce stress within your life. A reduction of stress will equal better work productivity and less sick days in the workplace.


Get Motivated, Get Inspired, Get Results! Are you ready to take control of not only your eating habits but your life? Join this 6 week group session where you will learn how to cultivate healthy nutrition & lifestyle habits that will change the way look and feel!

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  • 6 Weekly Meal Plans (not specific to any dietary restrictions but can be slightly modified if needed)
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Guide
  • Pantry & Fridge Check List
  • An assortment of easy to follow recipes, meal & snack ideas
  • 1 x per week in person group meetings + daily support via email or text
  • Goal setting + motivational guidance


Counting calories and fat grams are a thing of the past!

  • Gain knowledge of different harmful food preservatives, sugars & additives
  • Learn how to read nutrition labels and make better choices when shopping at the grocery store
  • Organic vs non organic
  • Ideas on how to prepare healthy meals on a budget
  • Top brand recommendations
  • Handout included


  • Additional Meal Plan + Recipes – $85
  • Additional 1-On-1 Coaching –
    • $100 for 1 session, $180 for 2 sessions , $350 for 4 session
    • Educational Grocery Shop Tour- $150 for 1.5 hour