Work With Me

Congratulations on taking a step in the right direction by seeking nutritional guidance. You have come to the right place! My services are so much more than just a meal plan. I genuinely care for each and every single client that enters my life. My mission is to educate you on how food really can be medicine and to guide you towards optimal health for drastic life changing results!



This is a one time personal nutrition coaching session geared towards anyone looking for answers to their questions related to diet, nutrition, fitness and goal setting. Gain an understanding on how to create healthy meals, eat a balanced diet and which supplements could support your specific needs. This session is available in person or over the phone.


  • 2x In person or over the phone consulatation (1-2 hours)
  • In depth dietary and lifestyle assessment
  • 7 Day personalized meal plan
  • Suggestions to current lifestyle & fitness routine
  • Pantry & Fridge check list
  • Recipe Guide to compliment your meal plan

Add on:

  • Extra 7 Day Meal Plan – $55
  • Extra Recipes – $5 per recipe
  • Educational Grocery Shop Tour- $150 for 2 hours
Rear view of people sitting at business seminar


Hire me to host a Wellness Workshop or Lunch & Learn session for your employees. Topics of interest may include; foods that boost moods and energy, how to reduce workplace stress, anxiety and depression, education on super foods and how they impact our health, the truth about sugar and other addictive food choices.

Have a specific topic you want me to talk about? I am very accommodating and would be happy to discuss creating a program specifically tailored to your individual needs.