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About Happy & Wholesome

Happy & Wholesome is your guide towards long lasting health and well-being. This book is for anyone who struggles with believing in themselves and currently feels stuck in poor self-image, unhealthy lifestyle habits or confused about nutrition. It’s about time to ditch dieting and start embracing a newfound way of eating to nourish and support your unique body. The guidance offered to you in this book will set you up for radical life changing transformation that will pave the journey towards a happy and wholesome new you!

  • Paperback
  • 227 Pages
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Develop the necessary tools for shaping your desired life with my Pillars of Transformation shared with you in this book

Recipes for many dietary preferences such vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater and gluten-free.

Learn how to set up impactful daily habits in order to achieve your desired wellness goals

Ditch dieting forever and learn how to create well-balanced, nutritious meals

Enjoy over 85 nutritious recipes that are easy to create with options for breakfast, smoothies, bowls, appetizers & dressings, dinner and desserts.

About Andrea

My name is Andrea Saliba and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. My business is focused on holistic wellness and weight loss coaching for women. I educate my clients on the importance of a well balanced diet, including all food groups and most importantly, using tools for a positive mindset.

I became passionate about health and wellness after experiencing my own disordered  eating habits and poor body image as a young teen. I used to believe that under eating was the best way to keep slim and that being slim would lead to greater happiness and fulfilment. Luckily, as the years progressed, I was able to ditch this old “diet culture” mentality and develop a new appreciation for food and what it can do for my body. 


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